Thursday, September 30, 2010


We know so much these days that we often forget how little we really do know. I mean there is things in life that we will not live be able to figure out, like is there really a god? what happens when you die? when will the world end? all we can do is just live one day at a time.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beef and Broccoli

“Look, let me make something abundantly clear for people, who are so bereft of activities they feel like they gotta comment on mine. First of all being a vegetarian should never be associated with being a revolutionary or being open-minded., that's a dietary choice. If someone wants to proliferate the type of ignorance we're supposed to be fighting by thinking that, you're just fucking yourself. I don't go around promoting beef and poetry shoving it in people's faces. I don't castigate people for not eating steak sandwiches; and I would never diss someone for being a fucking broccoli-head, or living off of radishes, or eating grass or tofu. I like a lot of vegan cuisine. But the illogicality of expecting everyone to adopt their particular idea of what being healthy is, is just preposterous. I’ve seen some of you herbivores; and if you want to argue health, y'all need to eat some kind of supplement because some of y'all are so skinny that it's disgusting; looking like the only hip-hop motherfuckers on schindler's list. Being a malnutrition-ass got nothing to do with being revolutionary or being on-point. I’ll be damned if I let somebody else push their agenda on me. You know I don't eat pork, not because I’m a Muslim, I just don't really like it, but I really will fuck a bird up. And fish is good when that shit is fresh. It’s like my nigga vast air from Cann Ox if you don't like the smell of burning meat, well then get the fuck off the planet. You know I don't criticize people for eating moss, then don't open your fucking mouth about my food, man. I like beef and broccoli motherfucker. mind your god-damn business” –Immortal Technique

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We are so busy nowadays aren’t we? Too busy to remember the little things in life that make it better. Appreciation is the one thing that I think we overlook the most. Saying ‘thank you’ has completely escaped our daily routines. A simple ‘thanks’ when someone holds the door open for you can and will make that person feel significantly better, trust me. Paying for a service doesn’t mean you don’t thank the people providing the service; let them know how much you appreciate their service and I can guarantee that your service would be 10x better. Appreciate your friends and family every day and let them know, it will make life more enjoyable. Thanks for reading ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Litte about Video Games, Food, and Music

Ahh Video Games, what a great subject. I'm a fan of video games, but I am not a hard-core gamer. I appreciate and understand how much work and dedication it takes to create a video game, specially in our time. It always amazes me how we have developed so much that we are able to create these truly astonishing pixelated art. I don't know why I never got into video games as much as some of my close friends and even relatives, I guess I was just always the type of kid that loved to be outside and proffered a good game of hide-and-go-seek over rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Today, games have become so complex and mind boggling that they have exceeded my gaming capability, I am only half decent in sports games (only because I'm a big sports fan). I can watch my cousin or someone who is really good at any game play a video game for hours though! I'm not sure why, I guess is always cool to see someone beat the machine right? I believe our generation is the end of parents that suck at video games, in the future you are not going to teach your dad what the X button does, instead you are going to have to share video-game playing time with him. Everything for recreation is fine with me, but video games can be addicting so always with moderation ;). Food, wow, I love food. I am Peruvian, we have exquisite food there, and I also got a grandmother with years and years of cooking experience. She is the best cooker so I don't really miss the culinary aspect of my beloved Peru. Music, I wish i could play any instrument, any! but i suck at that haha. My personal favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop. Conscious Hip-hop and Underground Hip-hop mostly, none of the trash you hear on MTV or the radio. Hip-hop has truly made me change the way i think about things, it really has shaped my life. I don't experience much with other types of genre, but I read and follow many blogs who do promote music like heavy metal or dubstep and other kinds, so it never hurts to listen to new stuff. If the music has good lyrics I would usually like it. Oh man I didn't want to make this post so long but I'm passionate about the things I do I guess.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Any Suggestions?

I had a long day today and didn't have time to write anything to add to my blog. I have many ideas of what to write about, but i thought that it would be awesome to hear what some of you guys want to read about. Suggest anything, and I will write my opinion about it on my next post. Thank you guys!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mind > Body

Mind over matter. I'm pretty sure many people are familiar with this concept yet many people don't give it much importance. It is important to keep the mind stronger than the body. Addiction, of any kind, i believe is cause when the body overpowers the brain, the physical need for something becomes so strong that the brain receives this thought and accepts it. If the mind is strong enough it can resist any kind of temptation, addiction, or really anything. When someone goes on a diet, if the mind is not committed, the body will not be committed either. Don't be simple minded, don't let people change your mind easily. Exercise your mind. Do you. Think. Be wrong, as that is the only way to learn. Keep your body fit, but your brain stronger